ALL DIGITAL WEEK 2019, UDOO kits and UMI-Sci-Ed project

ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital empowerment campaign run at digital competence centres, libraries, schools, community centres and non-profit organisations across Europe, bringing 100,000 Europeans every year in exciting online and offline events tackling digital transformation and its effects.

These events also supported the objectives of the UMI- Sci-Ed project. The UMI-Sci-Ed project aims to support entrepreneurial thinking in an effort to raise motivation for science education young people. The UMI-Sci-Ed project has developed educational scenarios for use with the UDOO kit, a set of hardware and software tools specifically designed to use in science and technology teaching.

The UDOO kits have been included in some of the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 events in order to show the potential of this set. These UDOO kit presentations, have taken place in Extremadura, Spain, and in Rijeka, Croatia. Both events were aimed to young people to develop different skills in order to learn how to code and interact with the various features that the kit offers, such as movements, light and other physical elements.

In Extremadura, AUPEX ran three different sessions. The first was aimed to turn the lights on and with a relay and a luxmeter to measure the light, the second session had the objective to teach unemployed young people to create their own watering system. Finally, during the third event, iLight system of the kit was also used b ut in this case, to show how different components work together and raise awareness about the importance of digital skills for their future. Read more about Extremadura Hackathons (Spain).

The events run in Rijeka gathered creative youngsters as well who created a Smart Plant Device, which help take care of plants showing the user how to know when the plant needs water, when it needs sunlight, and the optimal temperature for the plant to grow. Read more about the Rijeka Hackathon (Croatia).

These kind of competitions and events have shown to be a great opportunity for youngsters to present their skills and knowledge on projects that are interesting and tangible to them. Each of the young people learned something new, participated in creation of a real device and improved their critical thinking applying new knowledge in an effective way. Students acquired new abilities to switch efficiently between different disciplines processing educational material based on a clearly defined outcomes like in this case, being able to manage a UDOO device.

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