Busy start of the year for the Umi-Sci-Ed team at NTNU

The NTNU UMI-Sci-Ed team had a busy start of the year presenting the project at a number of public university events. We started the year with IDIovation, the event held to celebrate the new Department of Computer Science at NTNU, after the merging with three university colleges. The event was attended by approximately 200 participants, including people from industry and various international researchers.

Anna Mavroudi and Trond Aalberg ready to present UMI-Sci-Ed poster at IDIovation


Here we met Barbara Ericson and Mark Guzdial, from Georgia Tech leaders of the Contextualized Support for Learning (CSL) lab, and experts in computing education and outreach activities in K-12 schools. During this meeting, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities for collaboration (Mark’s blog post).

Then on to the official opening of Excited, the Norwegian Center for Excellent IT Education, attended by approximately 100 participants, including the Norwegian minister for Education, the Director of the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, and the NTNU rector.

Finally, we presented UMI-Sci-Ed at the Faculty kick-off, with a poster and the demo of one of the UMI-Sci-Ed scenarios. The event was attended by more than 300 staff members.

Prof. Divitini visiting the KodeLøypa stand during the ExCITed opening (from the university newspaper). We look forward to cooperate with KodeLøypa in UMI-Sci-Ed!
Tired but happy after the ExCITed opening!  Thanks to, from left: Michalis Giannakos, Anna Mavroudi, Monica Divitini, Francesco Gianni, Simone Mora, Katerina Mangaroska (from Future Learning) (photo by Kai T. Dragland)