Come see us in Brussels! Running a how to workshop at the ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT

The UMI partnership will run a workshop at the upcoming ALL DIGITAL Summit that will take place in Brussels, BE, on October 18th-19th. It will be a part of the so-called “How-to” workshops. The  “How To” workshops will be conducted on Day 1 of the Summit, They are designed to give delegates a practical understanding of how to carry out a particular activity. Our speakers have experience that could help delegates to understand the pitfalls, practicalities and lessons they may have learned. Workshop leaders will also produce a simple ‘guide’ to the subject that will be available to delegates during the session and to all online on our community networking Unite-IT platformafter the event.

The UMI-Sci-Ed workshop will be titled:

How to promote STEM education and training with Mobile and Internet of Things technologies

Achilles Kameas, Theodore Panagiotakopoulos, DAISSy research group, Hellenic Open University & Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus”

Mobile technologies and the Internet of Things promise to revolutionize our everyday life. But are the citizens of our society prepared to reap the benefits of these technological and scientific advances? How can we facilitate digital transformation, so as to ensure inclusion in the forthcoming digital society?

STEM education offers a holistic educational approach that facilitates understanding of scientific knowledge and leads to the development of digital and 21st century skills. E-facilitators have to become STEM educators / trainers in order to play a key role in facilitating the digital transformation.

This workshop will offer a methodology for implementing STEM educational activities using UMI (Ubiquitous, Mobile, Internet of Things) technologies, together with tools and good practices. A holistic view of UMI technologies and their potential uses in closing the next generation digital gap will be presented. The UMI-Sci-Ed methodology will be introduced, together with examples from its application in different settings. Participation in the developing Communities of Practice activities will be offered using the UMI-Sci-Ed online collaboration platform.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion on prospective future collaborations in projects that would lead to the development of STEM education / training activities tailored to the needs of different groups of citizens.

Be smart! Be UMIque! Join the UMI workshop!

And if you cannot join us in Brussels, join the week-long public training for educators and administrators in education: Promoting STEM education using mobile and IoT technologies, which will run in Greece in November!