How to organize interesting and meaningful events to bring together your community? Our experience

UMI-Sci-Ed learned a lot about it by contributing to the event Games, culture, and science for Boys and Girls, organized by TAPPETINA in Trondheim. The 1-day event was attended by 35 participants. The day started with guest lectures about games for learning math, games for learning reading skills and empathy, ICT for cultural heritage, design of IoT. This initial session was followed by hands-on workshops and discussion groups. An interactive art installation was also available. UMI-Sci-Ed joined with an invited lecture and a mini-version of one of our scenarios.

This event is an excellent example of how a community can get together to promote meaningful experiences for children and promote awareness about new technologies:

  • Children, parents, members of local administration and NGOs, artists, researchers, librarians attended the event. It was great to see people of different ages and background talking together.
  • Bringing together games, culture, and technology proved to create engaging activities for all. As one of the participants mentioned, the events was very open, leaving participants the freedom to find information relevant to them.
  • Local and international experts have presented state of the art knowledge, and, equally important, they allowed children to get a glance of what doing research is about.
  • Older pupils from upper secondary schools worked as assistant to support the event and assure a smooth running, with a majority of female students. Such a good way to involve people who might be otherwise reluctant to participate!
  • The event facilitated interaction between researchers, assistants (older teen agers in upper secondary school) and users (younger teenagers in lower secondary school).

If you want to share experiences and discuss about how to organize STEM events, please join the discussion group COMMUNITY EVENTS – HOW TO in the UMI-Sci-Ed platform. You will need to register there and then you will have access to variety of information, discussions and other resources. IN this specific group, our objective is to collect different experiences and define guidelines helping communities to get together and promote  STEM education.