Learning IoT by designing interactive board games

A group of students have recently joined the NTNU team and tried out one of the educational scenarios of UMI-Sci-Ed poject. The scenario is based on ANYBOARD, a platform for the design of interactive board games (see Anyboard games aim at blending the social nature of traditional board games with the interactivity of video games. The UMI-Sci-Ed template helped the researchers to integrate the research platform into an educational scenario by guiding the definition of relevant learning objectives and related activities.

The scenario has been piloted with 14 high school students, with very positive feedback. The pupils have worked in groups to generate a simple board game idea and prototype it. All in less than three hours! Nice to see all of them getting engaged and having fun.

This experience also shows the power of the UMI-Sci-Ed approach. By involving different communities of practice, in our case researchers, in education, we can create activities that are state of the art in technology and engaging. Join the UMI-Sci-Ed platform if you want to see more examples.