Umi-Sci-Ed Learning framework presentation during a Master on Teaching of Mathematics

The master “Teaching of Math and New Technologies: From Theory to Practice” opened its doors at actual teachers or aspirant teachers of Mathematics in November, 23rd, 2016 at University of Pisa. From fifteen up to forty participants, took part to the first lessons of the Master. Their aspiration? To acquire knowledge and skills related to the most innovative and efficient strategies of teaching. Indeed, the principal idea of this master arise  from the urgent need to ensure socially widespread skills in the field of Mathematics among students; these skills  might be best developed through a learning process based on the main issues that the community in mathematics education have considered crucial for developing a more efficient pedagogical approach.

At this scope Prof. Stefano Giordano, partner of the Italian team, during a session of this master, have presented the main concepts of the Umi-Sci-Ed project. In particular the psycho-pedagogical approach adopted and how the usage of  UMI technologies in the context of Networking and Cyber Physical Systems teaching can be exploited to attract the youngsters in STEM disciplines.