JOIN US IN GREECE for a public course for educators and administrators: Promoting STEM education using mobile and IoT technologies

Innovative STEM-related activities within schools and communities are increasing, but most of them are driven by small groups with a relatively narrow focus. Consequently, the collective awareness that these activities are going on and about their importance, can be low, even within the community. Nevertheless, these activities offer good take-up potential and an opportunity for transformation, towards more inclusive communities, informed citizens and agile organizations. Organisations seeking to exploit this potential need to be particularly aware of this and develop their approaches accordingly.

Participants of the course will realize the impact of mobile and IoT technologies on training / educational organizations and the business potential they offer. As a result, participants will not only be able to transform their organisations but will also acquire the knowledge and materials to disseminate the newly acquired skills in their communities, regions and countries.

After completing the course, the trainees will:

  • understand the basic terminology of mobile computing and IoT
  • know the principles of STEM education
  • be able to select the appropriate technology
  • be able to design a STEM education scenario using mobile computing and IoT technologies
  • be able to organize an appropriate training setting
  • be able to implement a STEM education scenario
  • be able to actively participate in the online STEM education community
  • realize the advantages of STEM education
  • plan the incorporation of mobile computing and IoT technologies in their training / educational environment
  • have received a Certificate of Completion of the course

The course promotes directly digital skills, vocational training, professional development and STEM education, focusing on sectors that will shape our lives from now and for the next 20 years. Improvement of entrepreneurship skills will be an indirect outcome of the training.

The course will follow the structure of a summer school. It will contain:

  1. self-study of online material
  2. face-to-face sessions
  3. distance learning sessions

The course will make use of material, results and experience that has been developed in the context of H2020 project UMI-Sci-Ed, namely:

  • teacher / trainer guides and relevant educational material,
  • training scenarios,
  • online peer learning platform,
  • hardware kits (based on UDOO)

The training will be organised by experts from the Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” in Patras and the UMI-Sci-Ed project.

The training will be organized over the course of 5 days.

Courses planned: March 2019, 18th-22nd & second half od October 2019

Place of trainings: Greece

Hours of training per day: 6-8


Day 1 Introduction to pervasive and mobile computing and IoT / Introduction to the online platform
Day 2 Introduction to STEM education / Hands-on session: how to design a STEM education scenario based on mobile computing and IoT
Day 3 Intermediate assessment / Hands-on session: how to design a STEM education scenario based on mobile computing and IoT
Day 4 Hands-on workshop: implementing a STEM education scenario based on mobile computing and IoT
Day 5 Hands-on workshop: implementing a STEM education scenario based on mobile computing and IoT / final assessment
Throughout the week satellite activities will be organized, in collaboration with local schools and organizations.


Costs for participants per day: EUR 130 (on average)

  • course: EUR 60
  • accommodation: EUR 40 (on average)
  • subsistence: EUR 30 (on average)

Included in cost:

  • trainer fees
  • equipment costs
  • space for trainings
  • necessary transportation within Greece

Additional activities (at own cost):

  • networking dinner for participants
  • wine tasting or another experience as weather permits

Please express your interest here:

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For more information please contact:

Iva Walterova ( of ALL DIGITAL – dissemination manager in UMI-Sci-Ed

Prof. Achilles Kameas ( of CTI – coordinator in UMI-Sci-Ed