Parallel Summer Schools in Greece “The Internet of Things … … in our hands” in Athens

Lower Secondary Experimental School Agion Anargyron is one of the four schools in Greece (Athens, Patras , Larissa and Thessaloniki) that organized a summer camp, implementing a full scenario on Internet of Things. These parallel summer camps took place in the framework of the Pilot Phase of UMI-Sci-Ed in Greece. Teachers responsible for organizing and supporting the summer camp in Athens were Mr. Kostopoulos Vasileios Mathematician of Lower Secondary Experimental School Agion Anargyron and Mrs Theodosi Angeliki teacher of Informatics at Rallleia Experimental Primary Schools-Department of Primary Education University of Athens.

The summer camp took place in Lower Secondary Experimental School Agion Anargyron with sixteen (16) participating students. The duration of the summer camp were four days (25-28 June 2018) from 10.00 -14.00. During this camp students have implemented a wonderful IoT scenario. In this scenario, an ultrasonic sensor with an UDOO NEO were used to control garbage level and volume into a recycle bin. The sensor was programmed with Arduino IDE and the data were sent to the cloud, then analysed and finally discussed possible extensions of this application in the local community.

During the summer camp all students were very excited and worked hard on every topic. They have been collaborated in groups in all activities and the last day of the summer camp had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Experts and responsible professors of UMI-Sci-Ed as well as teachers and students from summer camps that were parallel running in other cities (Patras, Larisa & Thessaloniki). Although almost all students had no previous with such a technology, they have manage to complete the scenario with full success!

Video of the summer school :