The Little Doormaid – approaching mentoring, technology and social innovation through storytelling

“I wrote Tappetina in Italian in 2009” says Letizia Jaccheri, a professor of Software Engineering at NTNU and head of the Department of Information and Computer Science. “Thanks to the WeLead project I had some resources to get it translated into Norwegian and English and to publish it on Amazon.”


“I have given presentations about the book to both young girls as well as to professionals. The book functions well in different contexts to inspire reflections about mentoring, technology, and social innovation.”

“The book has received a lot of attention on social media and in the Norwegian press. My dream is to get it translated into further languages, starting from the languages of the UMI-Sci-Ed project, such Greek and Finnish, and of course to write new episodes about girls and technology.”

The original is available HERE.


A superhero tale “The Little Doormaid” written by Letizia Jaccheri is a story about mentoring and technology. It’s about a mum that transforms daily into a superhero called Doory Mentor. Doormaid is drawn between, on the one hand, everyday duties, and, on the other, a battle to save the world from a great threat. The Little Doormaid has low self-esteem in all areas of life beyond taking care of children and preparing good dinners. And together with the other neighborhood “doormat” women she spends her time talking behind everyone’s back.

The main enemy of the doormat women is Doory Mentor, because Doory Mentor is a strong and clear-headed superhero with ambitions and visions. The doormat women do not know that The Little Doormaid and Doory Mentor are one and the same person. In the book, we follow Doory Mentor on her mission to save an algorithm that can save the world from garbage. However, as it usually in superhero stories goes, our Superhero has a nemesis in the threatening Iva Agressi, who wants to steal and ruin the algorithm. Doory Mentor flies over northern Italy on her electronic mat to prevent Iva Agressi’s plan, but she is stopped by a phone call. Will Doory Mentor find a balance between having responsibilities in the home and saving the world? The narrative is expressed in a language that creates a playful and visual experience of people and events. The reader is in an exciting fantasy universe with characters that do wonderful things. Yet there are many parallels to the real world. Being a superhero is for many an everyday dream. One can get fulfillment of this dream in virtual worlds through computer games, something one might suspect that also the Little Doormaid does. The story is suitable to be also a video game. The world has many unsolved missions for Doory Mentor. I look forward to meeting her on her new adventures!  

Description provided by Heidi Gilstad