The UMI Platform


Why is the UMI platform relevant for you?

You can find projects and results developed by the students, research results on educational approaches and methodologies, tools for information extraction, management and diffusion of the produced knowledge.

Our platform provides:

  • Communities of practice (CoPs) for UMI youths that aim at promoting STEM via UMI, including:
    • Formation and management of communities of practice (CoPs) using social computing tools
    • Synchronous/asynchronous communication tools that will foster the creation and enrichment of CoPs Educational materials about STEM disciplines particularly focusing on UMI technologies
  • Entrepreneurship trainings delivered through and supported by UMI
  • Self-evaluation tests aimed at helping youths evaluate their prospects in UMI careers
  • Peer learning opportunities and mentoring services
  • The necessary tools that are used for accessing the IoT networks that are developed by the students participating in the project, including:
    • An end-user interface with configuration, management and data extraction capabilities from the developed IoT networks
    • A data storage service of the networks’ topologies and settings, and a database of the collected by the developed IoT networks’ data for post-processing.

The UMI-Sci-Ed open-source web-based platform supports all the activities involved in UMI-Sci-Ed. In this context, the platform includes the UMI-Sci-Ed portal on top of the architecture that is the showcase and interaction areas of the UMI-Sci-Ed consortium as well as future participants and actors with the society.

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