The UDOO-EDU kit is ready to meet the students

We are happy to announce that the Cubit team has completed the assembly and packaging of the UDOO-EDU kit, and 170 kits have been recently shipped to the project partners. In the next months, the kits will be used for the many piloting activities with the students provided by the UMI-Sci-Ed project. They will also be presented at education and computing events throughout Europe, such as the last All Digital Summit.

The UDOO-EDU kit is a set of hardware and software tools specifically designed to learn science and technology. At the centre of the kit is the Udoo Neo board, a tiny computing board with lots of functionalities. Udoo Neo is powered by GNU/Linux, a free operating system running on millions of devices worldwide, and is compatible with Arduino, the famous electronic platform used by thousands of makers.

The Udoo Neo board can not only be attached to keyboard, mouse, and monitor to become a proper mini desktop PC, but it is also equipped with a series of software and hardware tools that help students to learn to program and to interact with the physical world. For this purpose, the UDOO-EDU kit includes many sensors (such as temperature, humidity, light, gas, presence, distance) and actuators (a LED matrix display, a motor, various LEDs). Students can thus tinker with the accessories by connecting them to the Udoo Neo board and code their own applications.

Programming is performed through a graphical and intuitive interface, where blocks that implements basic operations (such as conditions and cycles) can be joined together to create the logic that stands behind the application. For the more expert users, popular programming languages such as Python and Java are also supported.