The Udoo kits have been included in some of the All Digital Week events in order to show the potential of this set. The aim of this actions, whose main target group was young people, was to show the Udoo Neo board together with sensors as a way to help students to learn to code and interact with movements, light and other phisical elements.

Three events were organised:

iLight and IoT experience

At the NCC Moraleja, José Miguel Morales (finalist as best digital changemaker during the All Digital Week 2018), run a workshop where participants could explore the amazing potential of this kit.

15 unemployed youngsters with basic digital skills created, step by step, a smart system to turn lights on. They had to ad a relay and a luxmeter, so the intensity of light could me measured.

Starting point: proto-board, photoresist, a resistance and a LED. By using the Arduino function of the Udoo board, participants included a PIR sensor, so movement turned the system on. Different experiments where implemented, so participants could understand how to substitute LED from a light bulb. To conclude, the photoresist was substituted by a luxmeter, so the system was completed.

Participants were surprised that no extra computers where needed, since everything was done from the Udoo board, which offers the possibility to install different operating systems (Android in this case)

We would like to hightlight the potentical of this kit, specially Udoo Board and the connection with AppInventor, which we find especially useful, due to the low level of digital skills of our regular users.


Remote watering

At the NCC Solana de los Barros, eFacilitator implemented his own remote watering system using Raspberry Pi. During the All Digital Week, a group of unemployed young users participated in a workshop that showed them how to create their own watering system. The Udoo Kit was really useful due to the variety of componets and sensors, but at this workshop participants didn’t get to set the system, due to the complexity of the tasks and the lenght of the training actions, so a second workshop will take part within the next few weeks.


Anyways, the Udoo kit was explore and users could research information about the potential of the different components with the guidance of Pedro Pablo, their eFacilitator. Now they are designing their own project to be deveolped during the next workshop.


UDOO For Youth at the Montijo High School

On the 10th of april, NCC Montijo participated in a celebration day of the local High School, when students enjoyed a variety of activities. Among those activities, Gema Parrado, the local eFacilitator (finalist as best eFacilitator during the All Digital Summit 2018), offered them an interesting activity to explore different electronic devices, and the learning opportunities linked to them. For the Udoo Kit, Gema used the iLight system, so students could see a real example, understand how different components work together and raise awareness about the importance of digital skills for their future.

Udoo Kits

Although the kits have been really a great support for our actions, we still need to explore their potential, so we are open to tips, projects and advice that help us make the most of the sets.


By: Antonio Román Casas, 17 April, 2019.