The UMI-Sci-Ed project in the Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD 2017)

by Nicolas Sklavos, Ioannis Zaharakis, Achilles Kameas, and Angeliki Kalapodi

The Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD 2017), was organized in Vienna, Austria during August 30 – September 1 2017, including a Special Session (SS), dedicated to “European Projects in Digital Systems Design (EPDSD)”.


A slide of the presentation

In the context of DSD 2017, UMI-Sci-Ed project partner, Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI), presented the work entitled “Security & Trusted Devices in the Context of Internet of Things (IoT)” to the participants of the SS “European Projects in Digital Systems Design (EPDSD)”.

Nicolas Sklavos presented this work, which targeted to the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) regarding to security and trusted devices. He provided to the audience a comprehensive understanding of both security and privacy aspects. Modern systems and networks were quoted, in order to cover any questions arising from the theoretical approach.

N. Sklavos presents the article


Hardware integration devices were also presented, for flexible implementations for the presented IoT technologies. Emphasis was given to IoT embedded hardware platforms like UDOO, which fully support IoT implementations. Last but not least, data and information preservation were analysed, so as not to get lost or misused.

As a result, among the positive outcomes are the fruitful exchange of ideas, as well as the discussion followed and the deep interest of the participants for the activities and future actions of the UMi-Sci-Ed project.