UMI-Sci-Ed in Finnish Science Tripartite boat seminar

So called Science Tripartite seminar was arranged as a boat seminar. It was sixth time this seminar was arranged and the theme was: How the ICT and UMI is going to change teaching and teacher education. There different ICT projects have a big role – was first and basic answer. There is no one style or approach how to integrate ICT, UMI and programming to teaching and that´s why project based approach is ideal.

This seminar brought together over 50 science teachers, teacher educators (lecturers, professors) and student teachers. They spent two days to discuss, change experiences and planning future events and processes. UMI-Sci-Ed was one of the main projects in this seminar. Jarkko Lampiselkä gave the main presentation.

The Finnish Team (Jarkko Lampiselkä, Ari Myllyviita and Aleksi Markkanen were present) explained the idea and the structure of the project. Aleksi presented specially the local pedagogical innovations, educational scenarios:

  • Study of the bathroom light
  • Study of the bacteria growth
  • Study of the plant watering system

Next steps are the real courses following these scenarios. Target groups are Finnish student in the lower and upper secondary schools.